Accredited Nursing Home with the National Health Service

The "Villa Santa Chiara" Nursing Home is a private health facility, accredited with the National Health Service and since 1961 works in the field of psychiatric assistance.
It was founded by prof. Cherubino Trabucchi and dr. Bruno Maggioni.

It plays an important role in the health care sector of the Veneto Region and is also a point of reference at the national level, for the constant scientific updating, the particular commitment to reception and assistance and continuous attention to the improvement of quality of services provided.

The Nursing Home provides hospital health care, with diagnostic and treatment services for patients with psychiatric disorders.
The activity is carried out in hospitalization and is organized in a single group consisting of three Functional Units for a total of 107 Accredited beds out of 119 Authorized.
The Nursing Home operates with a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

The services provided during admission include medical examinations, nursing assistance and all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, adapted to the level of technological equipment and scientific knowledge of psychiatric psychiatric structure.

During the hospitalization, attention is given to the needs of the guest and the quality of the service provided, updated scientific and technological knowledge, attention to the therapeutic and human aspects in the relationship with the patient.

Communication with the family, with the general practitioner and with the territorial psychiatric services, allows comparison with the social context of reference and the continuity of the therapeutic programs.