Training Events Organized by the Nursing Home


Personality and depression

Conference 8 May 1992

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

Phenomenological and psychoanalytic reflections on melancholia. G. Gozzetti

The borders of depression. A. Balestrieri

Personality and depression: meeting points and boundary lines. A. Giannelli

Personality and depression: historical, biological, clinical and psychological aspects. Speeches: A. Bonetti, L. Bonuzzi, G. Caprini, A. Cunego, F. Nosè, C.A. Robotti, M. Tansella


Depression: biological therapies and psychotherapy

Conference May 26, 1993

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

Psychotropic drugs in the treatment of depressive syndromes. "The state of the art". M. Tansella, C. Bellantuono

Light-Therapy in depressive syndromes. A. Meluzzi

Pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy: a difficult integration. A. Balestrieri

Mourning and melancholy today. R. Rossi

Psychotherapy, depressive and clinical experience of depression. F. Nosè


Sexuality and psychiatry

Conference 2 June 1994

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

Instinct and learning in human sexuality. A. Balestrieri

Psychiatry and Sexology compared. G. Abraham

Alteration of sexuality in the narcissistic organization of the Self. O. Sicilians

Sexuality and therapeutic relationship. F. Nosè

The problem of the norm in sexology. R. Rossi

Professional responsibility in terms of "emotional-sexual relationships" patient therapist. C.A. Robotti

Sexuality in the elderly. M. Trabucchi


Psychogenic eating disorders

Meeting 10 May 1996

G.C. opening Menini

Anorexia and hyperorexia nervosa: short reflections. M. Giacopuzzi

The bodily experience in psychogenic eating disorders. A. Balestrieri


Art and psychopathology

Conference 7 November 1997

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

The psychopathology of expression in its historical development. V. Andreoli

Existential pressure and aesthetic processing. A.G. Gargani

Corporeity, disease and existence in the "Enchanted Mountain". L. Bonuzzi

Straddling a broomstick: the vicissitudes of the aesthetic object. F. Nosè

The communicative power of art. S. Zecchi

Human nature and artistic expression. A. Balestrieri


Prolonged adolescents - Burnt youth

Conference September 24, 1999

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

Introduction M. Tansella

Youth against. V. Andreoli

Risk adolescence and adolescence at risk. F. Nosè

"... of the diman there is no certainty". Young people and time. D. Morano

The youth condition between autonomy and dependence. I. Spano

The sense of beauty in young people. S. Zecchi

Conference poster


 Psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs in the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Interregional Conference 12 November 1999.

Epidemiology of D.O.C. M. Tansella

Pharmacological treatment of D.O.C. G. Imperadore

Psychotic characteristics of D.O.C. M. Giacopuzzi

Working memory in D.O.C. Assumptions on the integrability between pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. G. Liotti

Cognitive Therapy protocols in D.O.C. F. Mancini

The disturbance of thought in the D.O.C .: intervention strategies. R. Lorenzini


The Doctor of 2000 between Hippocratic Oath and System requests

Meeting of 25 March 2000

Report M.E. Alberti Casellati


Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy: which continuity?

International conference 12 April 2000

Presentation M. Giacopuzzi

Introductory report O. Siciliani, R. Siani

Epistemology of the science of therapy. I. Spano

The misunderstanding of therapeutic factors. Mp Galli

A theory-centered to patient-centered approach to the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic process: a self-psychological perspective. P. Ornstein

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and training: a brief note. G. Nebbiosi

A clinical case from a personal point of view. P. Ornstein, A. Ornstein


Accreditation: quality guarantee

Meeting 4 May 2001

Opening: R. Maggioni

Interventions: V. Alberti, M.G. Sinatra, G. Puntin, F. Toniolo, P.M. Fazzini


Obsessive-Compulsive Syndrome: recent acquisitions in psychotherapeutic and pharmacological fields

Training seminar 23 November 2001

Opening of the works. M. Giacopuzzi

Clinical heterogeneity of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. M. Raja

Neurochemical, neuroendocrine and pharmacological treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. L. Bellodi

Testistic evaluations in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder through the description of a clinical case. D. Morano

Conference poster


Cinema and psychiatry

Meeting 30 November 2001

G. Cremonini Report

Conference poster


The lost penis: in search of a new identity

Meeting 7 March 2002

Introduction M. Giacopuzzi

Report V. Andreoli

Conference poster


Truth and lies in the therapist-patient relationship

Training seminar 10 October 2002

Introduction M. Bortolomasi

Opening of the works M. Giacopuzzi

The therapeutic relationship between technique and false consciousness. Mp Galli

True, plausible, false: what patients and therapists are told about. F. Nosè

From the Firma to the Miles Gloriosus. Truth and Lies in the therapist-patient relationship. R. Rossi

The countertransference dimension in the meeting between therapist and patient. E. Borgna

If healing remains a goal, control is a reality: the state of the art in the treatment of anxiety and depression. From the clinical response to clinical remission. B.C. Altamura


Restless souls. The paths of suicide

Training event 23 May 2003

Opening of M. Giacopuzzi

Existential nihilism and the variety of its symbolic versions. A.G. Gargani

The risk of suicide in mood disorders. L. Tondo

Suicide in schizophrenia. R. Tatarelli

The disdainful taste: suicide or revenge. R. Rossi

Guidelines on the prevention of suicidal behavior. L. Pavan

Conference poster


Chronic therapy of mood disorders

Meeting 21 November 2003

F.Benedetti Report

Conference poster


Affectivity and sexuality

Meeting 11 June 2004

Opening of M.Giacopuzzi

Conference poster


Art, literature, cinema and psychopathology

Meeting 15 April 2005

Opening of M.Giacopuzzi

Conference poster


Parents and children from the family of Corinth to the family of Thebes

Meeting March 31, 2006

Opening of M.Giacopuzzi

Conference poster


I know your intentions - Empathy in psychiatry

Meeting May 25, 2007

Opening of M.Giacopuzzi

Conference poster


The places of care in the mind and in reality

Meeting June 5, 2009

Conference poster


Psyche and Polis

Meeting 22nd January 2010

Opening of M.Giacopuzzi

Conference poster


"La Follia" training event

Meeting 10 June 2011

Speeches: A.Andreoli, V.Andreoli, A.Conca, U.Galimberti, M.Giacopuzzi, D.Rosi, P.L.Scapicchio

Conference poster


Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in the pharmacological treatment of depression

Meeting 12 October 2012

Opening G.Bonavina, R.Maggioni, L.Rampazzo

Conference poster


Second National Day of Direct Current Transcranial Stimulation (tDCS) in Psychiatry


Meeting 18 October 2013

Speeches: C.A.Altamura, M.Bortolomasi, A.R.Brunoni, R.Ferrucci, G.D'urso, B.Dell'Osso, G.Imperadore, M.Mondino, S.Pallanti, P.Ravazzani, M.Ribolsi, P.M.Rossini

Conference poster


New perspectives in personalizing the treatment of major psychosis

Meeting 5 November 2014

Interventions: M.Bortolomasi, M.Abate, M.Ruggeri, A.Vita, A.Minelli, F.Benedetti, G.Maina, M.Gennarelli

Conference poster


Third update day on Direct Current Galvanic Stimulation in the treatment of mood disorders, depression, psychosis and autism

Meeting 27 November 2015

Conference poster


Treatment by rTMS in depression is worse than other psychiatric conditions

Meeting 10 September 2015

Opening: R.Maggioni

Interventions: M.Bortolomasi, E.Zampieri, M.Abate, G.Tonon, L.Gallimberti, B.Salvoro.

Conference poster


Trauma and its role in psychopathology. Therapeutic interventions.

Meeting 2 March 2015

Interventions: M.Bortolomasi, G.Gainelli, I.Fernandez, G.Imperadore, M.Pagani

Conference poster


EMDR Training level I °

Meeting from 28 to 30 September 2017

Conference poster