Effectiveness, appropriateness, acceptability, satisfaction and accessibility are fundamental requirements of interventions in health care. The Management of the "Villa S. Chiara" Nursing Home operates to protect patients in this sense and to guarantee the maintenance of high quality standards in the services offered.

For complaints and suggestions, the Public Relations Office is available at the Reception-Secretariat, at the entrance to the Care Home, on the ground floor. The reports of patients made to the head room of the department are reported to the Responsible physician. In any case, after evaluating the complaint, the Health Department provides and informs the user as soon as possible about the outcomes of his request. For more complex situations, a more in-depth preliminary investigation is planned, and any appropriate corrective actions.


- The Service Charter, the Service Guide and the Quality Management Manual.

They constitute elements of continuity in the way the Nursing Home operates, in changing circumstances and people. They can be viewed at the Secretariat, complete with procedures, protocols and operating instructions.

- Quality questionnaire - User satisfaction survey.

Following the Council of Europe Directive on "Quality in Health Care: the point of view of patients", the Nursing Home guarantees the possibility of expressing an opinion on the quality of the services and assistance received, through questionnaires that evaluate the level of satisfaction included in the structure.

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- Quality Management Manager.

The Quality Assurance, a professional who takes care of the aspects related to the qualification process of the services provided, is responsible for the application and verification of the adopted quality standards. In the nursing home this function is carried out by Rag. Luciano Vesentini. An inspection audit on the progress of processes and programs is carried out each year by the certification body that monitors the Quality System.

- Management Review.

It is an important moment of self-assessment and self-control, in which, at least once a year, the Quality Management manager reports on the overall performance of the services to the Managing Director and the heads of all the services of the Nursing Home. Evaluated the results obtained with respect to the Quality Objectives, problems still existing, proposals for improvement, a programmatic document of corrective actions is drawn up, to solve the problems that have emerged and further improve the quality level.