Villa Santa Chiara is a reference center for the treatment of Psychiatric disorders,
and it also has specialized team for certain psychiatric disorders thanks to the experience gained in decades of activity.

- depressive disorders
- personality disorders
- bipolar disorder and related disorders
- dependencies
- obsessive compulsive disorder and related disorders
- spectrum disorders of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
- relational and behavioral disorders
- anxiety disorders
- dissociative disorders
- disorders related to traumatic and stressful events
- disorders of somatic symptoms and related disorders
- nutrition and nutrition disorders
- sleep-wake and related disorders

We are also able to offer specialist assistance for other diseases,
specific and sectoral such as:
- Resistant drug depression
- Eating behavior disorders
- Pathological gambling
- Postpartum depression

The doctors of the nursing home propose personalized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, taking into account the individual characteristics of the host and his health needs. The therapeutic program is agreed not only on the basis of the clinical problems in place, but also on the basis of the history and needs, addressed not so much to the treatment of the disorder, as to personal care, according to an approach that integrates biological, psychological and social aspects.

Pharmacological therapies
Psychological therapies
Biological therapies
Individual and group psychotherapeutic activities
Occupational and recreational activities
Psychological investigations

The diagnosis and treatment activity is completed with other specialized services:
Internal Medicine

To support the therapeutic paths proposed by our doctors
The Nursing Home has a Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry in its laboratory.

The structure is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard